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I am very, very sorry for not writing for so long. Not only have things been busy, but truthfully, i haven't wanted to write very much. You'd think that the privillege of being able to post almost any and everythought you have online at any moment you wish could motivate anyone. But it does require effort and, being a student, it sometimes feels like I'm writing a paper. I also have more things happening lately. Work is picking up, I am a student, and I am an aspiring author, and I need to work on other projects that have to do with that. Also, if i do write works that are published an put out to the general public, my true identity may be discovered and in an online blog, that could be dangerous. For other reasons, I am planning to go back and forth for a while with doing public, protected, and private posts, to see how it all turns out and what happens. But for now, though I was going to do something completely different with this entry before, I am writing to appologize for my long absence and let all of you know i am still alive. Now, here is what I will do from now on. Those who want to view my blog and add me as friends can do so as they wish and as they learn about my blog. Unless I am writing a blog for public purposes such as for business, large projects and group blogs from adventures such as the missions trip a friend of mine is on, or unless I choose to start a writing project or some such other thing, or post in a community, which by the way I've been doing in my absence here, I will no longer post publicly, for less risk but also because my audience appears to be few and I am not receiving many comments. Unless, of course, some of you hate my work in this blog! I don't hold it against you though!
Here is my new rule, as concisely as possible.
Public Posts: I will post publicly if I have something public to say such as for business or other entries other than specificly personal use, entries which more than me and my friends should really read, etc.
Protected Posts: Outside of communities, the majority of posts will be for friends only and will be general Live Journal posts. In these posts, I will tell about my happenings and other things, but will try not to give away my identity.
Private Posts: Here, I will make known my identity, my thoughts, my happenings, anything, as open and honest as I am able. I trust that no one else except me, and my best friend, will read and know about these writings.
If things change I will publicly update you and let you know. I have also come up with a new motivational method. And I have an idea too. I think that I will continue to post the devotional blogs publicly. For those who are new, devotional blogs are blogs that discuss a reflective question of the day, such as, how has God changed your life? I am a Christian so it is good for me to think about these things. I will continue to post devotional blogs publicly. Now, on the days that the assignment of the day asks me to reflect on something, I will not only reflect on it in a devotional blog, but also I will then post a subsequent blog right after, choosing whether it will be public, protected or private. It may vary, but devotional blogs will always be public. This discipline will give me a purpose of what to write even if it's writing from the writers' block which i will also of course do publicly. It will also help me, as a devotional blog, to stick to the point of spiritual reflection rather than going off topic which I tend to do under intense emotion such as excitement or anger. I guess it sounds right now from this entry like i'm really excited! Well, it's been a busy summer! I have much to write about, but for now, I will go. I hope all of you have a great year and greet September with as much joy as it greets you!
Meggy the Eggy

one more time

My blog is not working today.
Sorry for the misspellings in my last entries, friends only or otherwise.
I have a meeting tomorrow and I'm nervous.

I also lost an entry I have written.
Thank you.
More tomorrow or later.

appology for misspelling

st for everyone. I hope this is understandable.or friends only but I can only poAnyway, this was supposed to be frull sentinces here!

h man! I can't even write f

Sorry for the misspeallings

My blog is not working today!

Sorry!try!Sorry for the misspellings in the last en

Bored? Me?

I never thought I'd say this in the history of my LJ writing, but i'm bored with what to write! Actually bored! Not that there's nothing interesting to talk about on LJ or no interesting writers' blocks, i just can't find the writer's block section today and don't know why! And I'm too tired to start another entry. In fact, I think that my remaining entries will either be reflections of what God has been teaching me, or factual entries regarding things i've learned, or even made up stories. But tonight, nothing's coming. Except bed and perhaps a bit of a desire to join Facebook someday.
See all of you soon,
Your friend on LJ,
Meggy the Eggy

Writer's Block: There Can Be Only One

Do you believe in monogamy?
Yes I do. I don't think it is a matter of believing in it. It is one thing to believe in something. it is another thing to act upon what you believe.

Writer's Block: Close Call

Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
I'm sorry, I don't remember. This is all I can do tonight; it's getting late and I need to get to bed.

Writer's Block: Apology Not Accepted

<lj-template name="qotd" id="906" /Ah, such interesting writer's blocks! Yes, I have had my appology rejected, many times, in an unlikely way. I love my younger brother very much and respect and honor him for the man that he is. But often when i slip up, I appologize and ask for forgiveness, only to have him ask outwardly, "Why would you appologize to me?" It's not the cool thing to do, and since he is easygoing, he can take things and people who say those things, so to him an appology is an unnecessary inconvenience. even so, he still tries to swallow it when I appologize to him. We are so different. I love him so much and am so jealous of him and the relationship he could have with my father! What do I do? Nigel, I'm sorry!!!


Hello. If this works I will be so happy. Just a test to ensure I write something today. Now it's off to bed and then to the special church party we're having tomorrow, a barbecue on the back of our trucks! Yay yay yay! And I love the meal we had tonight, poochka with Jorhay and Elizabet! Wonderful. Like pizza only it was a taco, and tonight, I tasted chili peppers for the first time.

Writer's Block: You Ate What?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?
Many thins. One being a huge thick chees string I thought was a weiner but uh, well really wasn't. also a carrot with two carrots together as in a stock. One time I think I had fries diped in mustard. Oh, it's so good!


ock, next entry.Guys, that last one was horrible! Sorry! Now on to te writer's bl